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  Roads Division - Snow Operations

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Snow and ice operations run twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week during all snow and ice events. Residents are reminded that snow clearing machinery can be on your street at any time day or night.

Each winter the City of Prince George’s Roads & Fleet Operations has the responsibility of maintaining over 670 kilometres of roads within the Municipality.  We consistently endeavor to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective manner possible while still maintaining a high level of service to you, the Public.

This information was prepared to provide you with some basic facts on how our Department performs this service, and to answer questions, which you may have concerning winter operations.  We hope you find this information useful, and we invite your comments.

Please remember that snow and ice control is not a substitute for caution and defensive driving practices when driving a vehicle equipped for winter conditions.  We wish you a safe and enjoyable winter season and look forward to serving you in the months ahead.

Windrows Across Residential Driveways to be Opened

Operators reduce windrows of snow at the end of driveways in areas, with curb and gutter, to allow for reasonable access.

Snow Control Operations

Snow and ice control is provided by the City’s Roads & Fleet Operations, supplemented with rented private sector equipment and operators.

On night shift, crews work on main arterial streets as well as in the downtown, commercial and industrial areas of the City.  While high traffic areas are plowed at night to take advantage of the lower traffic volumes, day shift crews concentrate on non-arterial bus routes, residential and outlying areas.

During snow emergencies and major storms, all snow control services operate twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. 

Many of our streets have to be plowed and the snow loaded onto trucks then removed to snow disposal sites on the same day.  Eleven out of eighteen Priority One streets are in this situation including the Downtown and the Carter Light Industrial area.


Sidewalks are plowed and sanded along all major streets.  Walkways between lots are not cleared.

COUNCIL PROCEDURE - Snow and Ice Control

1. The intent of snow and ice control operations is to maintain municipal roads, sidewalks, civic facilities and parks in a passable condition. Snow and ice control services are not intended to eliminate all hazardous conditions on city roads, sidewalks, civic parking lots or parks at all times.  They are intended to assist vehicles that are properly equipped for winter driving conditions and being operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits, and to assist pedestrians walking with care and attention to conditions.

2. It is expected that under normal winter conditions, there will be situations when the immediate demand for snow and ice control services will exceed the available resources. In order to maximize the benefits of operations, snow and ice control forces shall conduct operations according to the following priorities:

a. Priority One - to be completed within 48 hours of the end of snow event
i. Main arterial roads,
ii. Downtown Central Business District,
iii. Priority hills,
iv. Hospital District, and
v. Civic Facilities entrances, priority parking lots, and pathways.

b. Priority Two - to be completed within 48 hours of the end of snow event
i. All bus routes that are not main arterial roads, and all commercial/industrial roads.

c. Priority Three - to be completed within 72 hours after Priority Twos are complete
i. Residential roads and lanes.
ii. All remaining Civic Facilities parking lots
iii. Select Park facilities, parking lots, trails, and pathways.

Main arterial roads - A roadway whose primary function is to carry through traffic from one area to another with as little interference as possible from adjacent land uses, but which may provide direct access to adjacent property as a secondary function when alternate access is not available. Arterial Roads may be designated as truck routes, and frequently carry buses.

Downtown Central Business District is defined as the area bordered by First and Fifteenth Avenues and Vancouver and Queensway Roads and includes the roads and lanes.

The Hospital Core includes the following:
Alward Street from 15th Avenue to 10th Avenue,
10th Avenue from Alward Street to Laurier Crescent,
Laurier Crescent from 10th Avenue to Lethbridge Street,
Lethbridge Street from Laurier Crescent to 13th Avenue, and
13th Avenue from Lethbridge Street to Winnipeg Street.

Priority Hills - this term has been commonly used throughout the years by Public Works to identify roads of significant grade that require greater attention to snow clearing services to provide safe operation of the roadway. The situations vary from the length of the grade, the location of the roadway, the classification of the road, the volume of traffic etc.

 City of Prince George Council Procedure: Snow and Ice Control


Snow & Ice Control Route Restrictions Bylaw

One of the main obstacles hampering effective snow plowing and removal is illegally parked vehicles.  The City’s ticketing system resulting in $50 fines helps eliminate this costly problem.  In addition, illegally parked vehicles are also subject to towing if they impede municipal snow operations.  Please follow the regulations, we want to remove snow, not your vehicle.  To ensure quality snow removal, please help us by keeping your street clear of parked vehicles.

City of Prince George Snow & Ice Control Winter Parking Restrictions Bylaw No. 8625

Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

1. For the purpose of assisting in efficient and effective City snow and ice control operations, Annual Snow and Ice Control Routes and the declaration of additional Snow and Ice Control Routes is pursuant to Bylaw No. 8625. The Bylaw details 'Annual Snow Routes' which restricts parking on the Priority One roads and hills, the Downtown Central Business District, the Hospital District and a number of other designated roads (as shown in Schedule 'A' of the Bylaw) from October 15th to April 15th of each year from 10:00pm to 7:00am with the exception of the Downtown Central Business District restrictions from 12:00am (midnight) to 7:00am.
2.  Residential areas - no parking 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
3.  Residential areas - parking odd side only 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise posted.

NOTICE:  Illegally parked vehicles are subject to a $50 ticket per offence and/or may be towed.

Call 250.561.7600 for the latest information on City Snow Removal Operations

Snow and Ice Control – Statistics

Buried Utilities

Above ground utility equipment such as hydro, telephone and cablevision boxes, and fire hydrants are important in providing residents with essential services.  If this utility equipment is covered during snow removal operations and a marker is not visible, please contact the City of Prince George at 561-7600 and report this problem.  Hidden hydro equipment can be a hazard to snow removal crews and any disruption of service will inconvenience nearby residents.  Costs for repair of damage to utility equipment affect everyone one way or another.


Improvements in Boulevards

Street allowances in the residential areas of Prince George are normally 20 metres wide with a 10-metre road surface within this road allowance.  In curbed areas, this leaves 5 metres (16 feet) on each side of the road as City Boulevard.  This area is necessary for sidewalks, buried utilities and snow storage. Snow storage on the boulevard may contribute to damage of improvements and private trees within the City Boulevard.  Please contact the Roads Division at 561-7600 to obtain approval for improvements within the City street allowance or to obtain advice on suitable siting and marking of proposed improvements including trees, retaining walls, rockeries/shrubbery, etc.


If you have any concerns, questions or comments, you can contact us at:

Full Name: City Hall
Business Phone: 250.561.7600
E-mail Address:
Fax Number: 250.561.7724

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