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  Street Sweeping

Each spring, the Roads Operations of Public Works Department is responsible for the cleanup of approximately 550km of paved road and 150km of sidewalk. We endeavor to accomplish this task in the most cost effective manner possible while maintaining a high level of service to the residents of Prince George.

This overview was prepared to provide basic information on how the City provides this service, and to answer typical questions concerning sweeping operations. We hope you find this information useful. Should you have any additional questions, you may contact our Roads Operations Office at 250.561.7600.

Any inquires regarding Sweeping Operations may be referred to the Customer Service Center at 250.561.7600

General Information

During an average winter, approximately 15,000 to 20,000 tonnes of sand is deposited on City streets and sidewalks to improve traction on icy surfaces. In the spring, sweeping operations begin when the main roads are clear of ice and when temperatures permit the use of water to suppress dust without freezing. As we transition out of winter and when temperatures permit, full sweeping operations run 24 hours per day, Monday to Friday.

Sweeping operations may be broken down into the following main areas:


The downtown is normally the highest priority for sweeping as dust and litter tends to accumulate in this area over the winter. Since snow is removed completely from the downtown, it is also normally the first area to be available to sweepers for cleanup.

Following the major sand removal operations in the spring, the downtown streets are normally swept twice per week on night shift. A sidewalk vacuum is used a few times a week for litter control.

Arterial and Collector Roads

The Arterial and Collector Roads are the next priority for sweeping since the volume of traffic using these roads is high, and large volumes of sand are deposited in winter for ice control. Spring street line painting can only proceed once this group of roads have been swept. Arterial and Collector Roads are normally swept every few weeks, during the summer sweeping program.

Residential Areas

Once the Downtown and major roads have been swept, the sweepers move into the residential areas. Sweeping in these areas will normally last up to 10 weeks following the 10 to 15 days spent in the downtown and on major roads.

Following the initial clean up of neighbourhoods in the spring, additional sweeping in problem areas may take place on an as required basis.

On-Street Residential Parking and Sweeping Operations

No parking 8:00am to 6:00pm

Parking restrictions on residential streets during sweeping operations permits the efficient clean up of City streets. If sweepers have to maneuver around parked cars, this not only slows sweeping but will usually leave an obvious sandy/dusty area once the parked car moves off. Please help ensure we do a good job of cleaning up your neighbourhood streets by not parking on the street during spring sweeping.

Downtown Parking Restrictions

No parking 1:00am to 8:00am

Night-time sweeping operations continue throughout the spring and summer in the downtown area, to allow the clean up of downtown streets.

Cars impeding sweeping operations on any city street are subject to being ticketed and/or towed.

Residential Street Sweeping Priority and Rotation

In Curbed Areas

The priority for sweeping is rotated annually to ensure equity throughout the City. The curbed areas of the City have been split into 9 sweeping areas (1 - 9), with the first area swept one year, then going to the bottom of the list the following year and so on.

In Non-Curbed Areas

Snow build up in the non-curbed areas usually takes longer to disappear and often dictates where sweeping operations can be undertaken. Subject to the conditions of snow melt, as in the curbed areas, the 6 non-curbed areas (10 - 15) are also rotated on an annual basis.

Curbed Areas

Area Subdivisions Included
1 Millar Addition, VLA, South Fort George
2 Fraser View, Lansdowne, Vanbow, Seymour, DL777, Assman, Perry
3 Nechako, Crescents, Central Fort George
4 Quinson, Spruceland
5 Highland, Highglen, Lakewood
6 Heritage, Foothills
7 Westwood, Pinecone, Pinewood
8 Peden Hill, Charella Gardens, Starlane
9 College Heights

Non-Curbed Areas

Area Subdivisions Included
10 Lalonde, Lafreniere, Parkridge, Nolan, Haldi, Western Acres
11 Cranbrook Hill
12 PG Pulpmill Rd., Northwood Pulpmill Rd., Noranda, Foothills, North Nechako
13 Hart Highlands, Highland Drive, S. Kelly, W. & E. Austin, Foothills to Chief Lake Rd.
14 Boeing, Giscome
15 Willow Forest, Sintich, Pacific Avenue

Street Sweeping Areas

Priority for sweeping curbed areas will be changed annually for equity throughout the City. Areas will be swept in ascending order beginning with the area number shown for the year in the listing above.

Year Start Area
2004 Area 1
2005 Area 2
2006 Area 3
2007 Area 4
2008 Area 5
2009 Area 6
2010 Area 7
2011 Area 8
2012 Area 9
2013 Area 10
2014 Area 11
2015 Area 12
2016 Area 13
2017 Area 14
2018 Area 15

A map of the street sweeping areas is available in PDF format.


Street sweeping machinery

As soon as the snow is off the streets, the City will start flushing islands and angle broom sidewalks.

Street sweeping machinery
Street sweeping machinery

We sweep the gutters with either a sweeper or a trackless MT to allow the loader broom to pick up the bulk of the sand. This is necessary, as our sweepers aren't made to constantly pick up this heavy material, and minimizes breakdowns on our sweepers.

Street sweeping machinery
Street sweeping machinery

Next the sidewalks are flushed with a truck-mounted wand or hand held hose. The sweepers then follow up (approx., 2 – 3 weeks later) sweeping From gutter to gutter on main arterials first, and then bus routes, Feeder routes and finally residential streets.

Street sweeping machinery

Finally the sweepers then follow up by sweeping the entire road surface on main arterials first, and then bus/collector routes, and finally residential streets.

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