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  Storm Water Drainage


The City of Prince's storm water drainage system collects run off water from rain events, snow melt and residential and commercial water usage (over watering lawns, washing vehicles, etc.) and travels through a network of pipes, culverts and ditches eventually making its way to a natural water course or retention pond. 


Storm water management is essential to deal with the increased runoff due to urban development to prevent negative impacts including flooding, erosion, sedimentation and degradation of water quality and aquatic life. Development impacts peak flows by increasing impermeable surface areas; storm water from building roof drains and asphalt parking lots flow into catch basins and enters the storm water system or recharge chamber.


Storm Water Assets

The storm water system within the City's boundary is comprised of over 800 culverts, 5300 catch basins 3800 manholes, 300 outfall structures, 36 km of below ground piping, 110 km of open ditch or drainage channels, and several detention ponds.  Maintenance is required to remove sediment and debris from the system to prevent blockages and flooding.

Debris and sediment in outfall prior to cleaningOutfall after cleaning


 Detention Ponds


          detention pond 2.png

Detention ponds are created to temporarily store storm water and limit the flow of the storm water discharge during a major rain event or spring melt preventing flooding or erosion downstream.  In addition, the ponds are designed to improve water quality before entering a water course by slowing down the flow and allowing suspended particles to settle in the pond. 


Flooding & Erosion


Flooding can occur during a major rain event if the storm system is unable to accept the rain water at the rate it is coming down or if the catch basin is blocked.   Flooding can cause erosion as the excess storm water makes its own path.  To avoid flooding catch basins and storm inlets/outlets must be kept free of debris. 





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