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The Utilities department is responsible for providing the residents of Prince George with clean drinking water, sanitary sewer treatment and storm water management.  The Utilities Division works hard to ensure the City of Prince George has the required infrastructure to accommodate our daily activities and maintain a quality of life we have come to appreciate.  Our team is challenged to supply our growing City with ample water resources while maintaining adequate fire fighting flows and pressures, sustaining sufficient sanitary sewer lift station capacities and sewage treatment and suitable storm water management during high run off.

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The utilities staff strive to provide quality water and treated wastewater by operating and maintaining our water, sanitary, and storm underground infrastructure; Wastewater Treatment Centre (WWTC) and lagoons; water pumping and storage facilities; as well as, storm water inlets and outlets. 

In addition The City of Prince George has recently added to its utilities by installing the District Energy Heating System which provides heat to a number of downtown buildings. 


City of Prince George Utility Division



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