Community Grants

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Message to Applicants

During the City of Prince George 2023 Grants Review, staff received valuable feedback highlighting the need for administrative changes to streamline and make it easier to apply for city grants. Changes include using more concise language, providing extra information and clarity in how the web page and application form(s) are laid out. There is more work to be done to improve city grants processes, but as a place to start, these changes will hopefully make it easier to navigate information and complete an application.

Please connect with us at if you have any issues navigating these website changes or run into any difficulty with completing your application. 

Grants Overview 

The City of Prince George recognizes local organizations work hard and have many ideas on how to boost the community. The City provides grants and financial assistance programs to help groups meet their goals of enhancing PG for all who live here.


The City of Prince George adjudication committees, which include external community members, will consider the below when evaluating grant applications;

  • Alignment with grant criteria.
  • Value for investment (i.e., budget details).
  • The City is also guided by several policies and procedures which are considered in the adjudication process (see below links at bottom of webpage for additional information).
  • Council’s interest in financially supporting a variety of organizations and initiatives.

Please note: depending on the overall volume of applications received and the available funding, the City may be unable to financially support all applications. Depending on the outcomes of adjudication, including but not limited to alignment with grant criteria, partial funding may be considered.

City of Prince George Council members in Council Chambers. From left to right: Tim Bennett, Cori Ramsay, Trudy Klassen, Kyle Sampson, Mayor Simon Yu, Brian Skakun, Ron Polillo, Susan Scott, and Garth Frizzell
City of Prince George Council Members 2022 Group Photo in Council Chambers

myPG Community Grant

The objective of the myPG Community grant is to assist registered not-for profits implement new or enhance current projects that contribute to making Prince George a great community.

  • Applications are accepted twice per year with an intake deadline of March 15 and October 15 at 4:30 pm.
  • Allocations are generally $8,000 or less.

Celebrate PG Grant

The objective of the Celebrate PG Grant is to assist registered not-for profits implement new or enhance current events that increase community pride and focus on attracting visitors.

  • Applications are accepted once per year with an intake deadline of December 19 at 4:30pm. 
  • Allocations are between $5,000 and $10,000 maximum, depending on if it is an emerging or signature event (see below definitions).

Other Grants and Programs

Additional Resources

Need help, ideas, and tips on how to write grant applications?         

Guidelines, Plans and Policies that influence City grant processes: