Downtown Renewable Energy System

A sign outside the Downtown Renewable Energy Centre building that reads, "Downtown Renewable Energy Centre".

Our Downtown Renewable Energy System (DRES) is a district energy system that distributes heat to nearly a dozen downtown buildings. The system uses sawmill residuals (often known as “wood waste”) to heat water that is pumped through more than three kilometres of underground piping. 

This fuel source is local, renewable, and carbon-neutral, and Prince George has one of only a handful of municipal district energy systems in Canada that uses a renewable resource as its primary source of energy.

Downtown Energy Centre

The Downtown Energy Centre was completed in 2012 and houses the City's distribution pumps and peaking backup natural gas-fired boilers. These provide hot water to the District during times when Lakeland Mills is shut down for routine maintenance or during very cold weather when there is high demand for heat.

Distribution Piping System

The Distribution Piping System (DPS) from Lakeland Sawmill to the Energy Centre, City Hall, Civic Centre, Coliseum, Art Gallery, and the Four Seasons Pool was completed May 2012 and each building contains Energy Transfer Stations. The City now provides space heating and domestic hot water to these buildings with water heated from the Lakeland Mills energy system. This system burns sawmill residues (woody biomass) with greater efficiency and reduced emissions.

The benefits of having the DRES