Water Conservation

A sprinkler watering a green lawn

Conserving water at home

Learn how you can plant gardens that not only look great but also use water efficiently.

Maintaining a healthy lawn does not have to come with an environmental cost. Find out how to keep your lawn green without wasting water.

Useful tips and tricks

Water use restrictions

Volunteer Residential Watering Meter Program

Water consumption in Prince George is currently higher than both the provincial and the national average, making conservation important. Water meters allow residents to accurately track their water use, conserve water, and save money. Water metres also make it easier to detect and repair leaks that can waste thousands of litres of water every year.

Water conservation plan

The benefits of water conservation are both economic and environmental, and include:

  • Alleviating water supply constraints.
  • Deferring infrastructure replacement costs.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of extracting and releasing treated water.
  • Protecting groundwater source for future generations.

Council approved the City of Prince George Water Conservation Plan 2016 with the stated goal of reducing water demand by 20 per cent over a period of 10 years. The Plan identified five (5) Water Conservation Strategies to meet this objective:

  • Sprinkling Restrictions
  • Water Metering
  • Water Loss Management Program
  • Leak Detection and Repair Program
  • Educational and Outreach Programs

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