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Current community engagements

A storm drain on a rainy street

Stormwater Infrastructure Fund

The City’s stormwater management system plays a huge role in keeping our community and natural environment safe but there currently is no dedicated funding source for maintenance and asset renewal. This spring, resident feedback will help inform how the City will fund stormwater management to ensure our system can operate safely and efficiently for years to come. 

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A group of people of various ages walking away from the camera in the CN Centre concourse.

Accessibility Plan

When cities make things like sidewalks, buildings, transportation, and services accessible, it makes everyday activities more manageable and enjoyable for everyone. The City of Prince George is taking action to identify and remove barriers that prevent the full and equal participation by all our citizens in every aspect of community life.

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View of Nechako River and the City of Prince George from the cutbanks.

Official Community Plan Review

An official community plan (OCP) describes the long-term vision of a community. It includes goals, objectives, and policies that guide long-term planning and land use management. The plan addresses matters like transportation, housing, sustainability and climate change and outlines how a local government plans to exercise its powers.

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Map of the civic core district, with dotted red border around City Hall, the Canfor Leisure Pool, the former location of the Four Seasons Pool, Kopar Memorial Arena, the Prince George Public Library Bob Harkins branch, Prince George Conference and Civic Centre, the Two Rivers Art Gallery, and Canada Games Plaza.

Civic Core District Plan

The civic core district is the heart of downtown. But what is our plan for the area? Should it be a vibrant cultural and entertainment area? An activity and service hub for families and seniors? How will civic facilities and city-owned properties factor into this plan?

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Recent public consultations

Past public consultations

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