Local costumed mascots celebrate Mr. PG's birthday by posing with his statue.

A brief history of Mr. PG

Mr. PG first appeared publicly on May 8, 1960, to welcome delegates to a Rotary International conference at the Simon Fraser Inn. Since then, he has undergone many transformations and helped celebrate countless community events. He continues to greet visitors to Prince George from his current home at the intersection of Highways 16 and 97.

In addition to his larger-than-life presence on the highways, his smile has also graced memorabilia ranging from quilts, signs, and pennants, to t-shirts, postcards, and even a Canada Post stamp.

Mr. PG videos, swag, and more

Mr. PG promotional items are authorized for sale at Exploration Place, the Tourism Prince George Visitor Information Centre, and the UNBC Bookstore only. Use of the Mr. PG symbol on commercial signage, promotional, items, clothing, or for other for-profit purposes is prohibited.

Using Mr. PG to promote Prince George

The City of Prince George trademarked Mr. PG in 1985 and the City oversees his depiction as a symbol of the community. Community organizations and non-profit groups can request to use Mr. PG’s likeness to promote an event or activity, or even have the Mr. PG statue wave their flag.

Mr. PG can promote community events and bring awareness to charitable causes by holding a promotional flag or being illuminated in a variety of colours. 

We do not approve Mr. PG’s use in connection with commercial purposes for profit. Depictions of Mr. PG must also not imply:

  • Mr. PG is endorsing a commercial product or religion.
  • Expressing a political opinion.
  • Contradicting the human rights code.
  • Performing an unsafe or illegal activity.

We also have a number of illustrations of Mr. PG in various poses. These can be used by organizations that are approved to use his likeness to promote the community and local events/activities.

For more information, contact:

City of Prince George Communications Division
Email: communications@princegeorge.ca