Photograph of the outside prince george playhouse at night

Prince George Playhouse

Rental Inquiries

 The PG Playhouse is a wonderful venue option for a wide array of events, whether it be theatre, live music, comedy, conferences or weddings.

For rental availability and booking inquiries, email Event Services with the City of Prince George.

Upcoming Events & Ticketing Information

 For information on upcoming events at the PG Playhouse, please visit the Event Calendar.

Event Calendar

To purchase tickets for upcoming events, or to inquire about ticketing support for your event, visit TicketsNorth.


Seating Capacity & Auditorium Information

The Playhouse has a seating capacity of 295 fixed seats, and 8 additional wheelchair accessible spots for a total auditorium capacity of 303 seats.


Venue Specifications


  • The house system consists of two (one per side) EV-SX 300 active speakers & 2-15 active Mackie Subs. 4 Mackie SR450 boxes are also available to use as stage monitors.
  • The console is a Yamaha TF3 digital console, mounted in the sound booth upstairs. It has the capacity to have 40 inputs and 16 outputs.
  • 24 channel audio snake connecting sound booth to patch box downstage right just behind the proscenium line ( 16 female XLR and 8 female TRS)
  • 6 channel extension to the audio snake to downstage left (6 female XLR)
  • Other in house equipment includes:
  • 3 Shure SM58′s
  • 2 Shure SM57′s
  • Mic stands
  • Shure Wireless Kit w/ Handheld & Lav mic
  • XLR & A/C Cables
  • Yamaha Baby Grand Piano


  • 112 circuits available
  • FOH 1 and 2 have 24 permanent circuits with dedicated dimmers for each
  • Chamsys MagicQ MQ70 Console
  • Pipe 3 is the 1st LX permanent lighting bar with 24 circuits
  • Pipe 8 is the 2nd LX Cyclorama lights – 4 colour washes with 2 spare circuits available


  • Barco RLM-W8 Projector
  • Cinema Front Projection Screen (32 wide x 15 high, 2.35 to 1 Ratio)

Stage Dimensions

  • Width at Proscenium: 39 feet
  • Depth along centre line: 32 feet
  • Height of Proscenium: 23 feet
  • Height of stage left wing: 14 feet
  • Height of stage right wing: 9 feet

Lighting Plot (PDF) Lighting Channel Information (PDF)

Audio/Visual Support

  • For venue A/V technician support and additional A/V equipment rentals,  contact Darren or Jon with Russell AV.