Current Initiatives

Rainbow coloured crosswalk on downtown street, with vendors and crowd.

Accessibility Planning

The Government of British Columbia is working towards being an inclusive Province. In June of 2021, the Accessible British Columbia Act was enacted. The Accessible British Columbia Regulation (under the Act) came into force September of 2022, and identified municipalities as accessible organizations that are required to adhere to the regulation. The City of Prince George is currently working on the requirements which include an accessibility committee, accessibility plan and a tool for feedback.

Read more on what the City is doing to increase accessibility on the City's Accessibility Page.

Implementation of 2022-2023 UBCM Strengthening Communities Services Funding

The City of Prince George, with funding from the 2022-2023 UBCM Strengthening Communities' Services program, is taking action to become a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive community. 

Childcare Space Creation

The City’s Child Care Action Plan provided a number of recommendations regarding the development of new childcare spaces. The action plan, informed by data collection and community engagement activities, was completed at the same time the Province of BC began investing in childcare care space creation, building childcare facilities, and training early childhood educators.

The BC New Spaces Creation Fund and the Union of BC Municipalities Childcare Space Creation Fund have - together - provided approximately $9.3 million to the City of Prince George to enable the development of a total of 228 new childcare spaces on three sites:

2023 Grants Review

Through grants and financial assistance, the City of Prince George invests significantly in the local not-for-profit (NFP) sector to help ensure the delivery of service for its residents, including recreation, arts and culture, social well-being, as well as environmental programs and other services.

As identified in the robust myPG Social Development Goals for a sustainable community, the City of Prince George wants to ensure investments in the grant program are meeting the needs of the community and the Not For Profit (NFP) organizations helping to deliver these services. To that end, the City is undertaking a comprehensive review of its processes to provide grants and financial assistance to support NFP organizations.

The grants review will form the basis for recommendations for Council and inform decisions to update the City’s grants and financial assistance programs to improve processes, create efficiencies and meet the evolving needs of our community. 


Community Access to Recreation & Transit Pass (CART) Pilot Project

Canfor Leisure Pool NinjaCross

The CART program is a short-term pilot program funded by a UBCM Poverty Reduction Planning & Action Grant. The goal of the CART pilot project is to support individuals who are low income to access City recreation and transit without having to face additional barriers.

The City of Prince George in collaboration with partner agencies (not-for-profit agencies) works to identify participants and support them with access to the program, which includes a 3 month pool pass and transit pass. The foundation of this approach is that partner agencies know their clients, their experiences and how best to support them.

The pilot launched in November 2022 and to date, approximately 100, 3-month passes have been distributed to clients of our partner agencies.

Please note: at this time, this pilot program is not available to the general public. For other low-cost options to access aquatic recreation, visit the Leisure Access Program page.