Current Initiatives

Three photos of a daycare interior.

Raise Up Our Kids

Raise Up Our Kids, a Collective Impact initiative, is working to launch a Community School Hub at Nusdeh Yoh Elementary School. The hub will help service providers and agencies work together to provide children and families with the support they need for better health and well-being.

Life-long health and wellness are strongly influenced by certain aspects of people’s lives:

  • Their families and communities.
  • The resources available to them.
  • Their sense of connectedness with their peers.

Why Raise Up Our Kids?

Northern B.C. children tend to be less healthy compared to their peers living in other areas of the province according to the 2016 Health Status Report on Child Health

Establishing Nusdeh Yoh as a service hub will ensure children and families can access services that best meet their needs.

Community School Hub Development

The Raise Up Our Kids team believes deeper alignment across systems - including health, education and social services - is critical to increasing access to opportunities for all students. A community hub has the potential to transform its neighborhood and the lives of children, youth, and families who live there. By adopting a cross-sector, systems-based approach, we can begin to overcome the barriers experienced by students and their families.

After a series of consultations in 2016-17, the City of Prince George and community partners identified the development of a community hub in a school setting as having the potential to achieve the vision of systems transformation.

A stakeholder session in April 2018, along with 17 extensive community engagement sessions with families, Elders, school staff, and neighborhood residents helped gather stories, experiences, and advice on the development of a hub at the Nusdeh Yoh Elementary School. The Raise Up Our Kids team will test the hub model concept at the school with grant funding support from Vancouver Foundation.

Childcare Space Creation

The City’s Child Care Action Plan provided a number of recommendations regarding the development of new childcare spaces. The action plan, informed by data collection and community engagement activities, was completed at the same time the Province of BC began investing in childcare care space creation, building childcare facilities, and training early childhood educators.

The BC New Spaces Creation Fund and the Union of BC Municipalities Childcare Space Creation Fund have - together - provided approximately $9.3 million to the City of Prince George to enable the development of a total of 228 new childcare spaces on three sites: