Social Plans & Strategies

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2023 Revitalizing Grant Programs Report

As identified in the robust myPG Social Development Goals for a sustainable community, the City of Prince George wants to ensure investments in the grant program are meeting the needs of the community and the Not For Profit (NFP) organizations helping to deliver these services. To that end, the City is undertaking a comprehensive review of its processes to provide grants and financial assistance to support NFP organizations.

The Revitalizing Grant Programs report represents the first of three phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery: Communications and Engagement Research and Recommendations.

Phase 2 – Solution Seeking: Identify and Evaluate Options.

Phase 3 – Alignment, Action, and Awareness: Implementation and Monitoring.

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2021 Evaluating Safety, Cleanliness, and Inclusion Initiatives – Final Report

The evaluation findings and improvement options are included in the 2021 Evaluation Report on safety, cleanliness, and inclusion initiatives in Prince George. 

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2021 Poverty Reduction Final Recommendations

This report contains 19 recommendations related to poverty reduction. The recommendations are either advocacy or action in nature, relevant to the local context and the role of local government.

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2021 Community Recreation, Social Health and Well-Being Service Delivery Plan

The plan provides recommendations for action that will guide the enhancement and expansion of the current community recreation service delivery model so that it is more responsive, innovative and equitably supported.

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2020 Child Care Action Plan

The City of Prince George Child Care Action Plan includes themes (from a comprehensive consultation process), recommendations, and child care space creation targets. 

The plan also serves as a key reference for organizations seeking funding and/or working to improve access to affordable, quality child care in the community.

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2018 Social Development Strategy recommendations

The recommendations from the Select Committee on a Healthy City Framework Report guide Council’s selection of strategic priorities related to the City’s role in advancing myPG Social Development goals.

2017 Age-Friendly Action Plan

The City of Prince George aspires to create a community where people of all ages have a sense of belonging and live safely, actively, affordably and barrier-free in the community.

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2010 myPG Social Development Strategy

The myPG Social Development Strategy includes seven broad goals. Achieving these goals depends on the collaborative and progressive contribution of many sectors and partners.

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