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  Climate Change and Energy Reduction

The City of Prince George is involved in energy and greenhouse reduction programs.  Through programs such as the Partners for Climate Protection, and Community Action of Energy Efficiency, and with partners such as BC Hydro Powersmart, we hope to reduce our corporate and community contribution to this global concern.



Partners for Climate Protection

The City of Prince George has participated in the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).  This program provides a framework for participating municipalities to define goals for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions.  The City of Prince George’s plan includes actions to be implemented at the corporate level (i.e. the municipality’s operations) as well as at the community level. 

The PCP program is based on a five milestone framework used to guide municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The five milestone process is a performance-based model which remains flexible; milestones do not need to be completed in sequential order. Each milestone provides an opportunity for municipal capacity building. 

Milestone 1: Create a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast
Milestone 2: Set a Reduction Target
Milestone 3: Develop a Local Action Plan
Milestone 4: Implement a Local Action Plan
Milestone 5: Measure Progress and Report Results

The City of Prince George achieved Milestone 5 of the PCP Program, and at the time, was one of only five communities in Canada to achieve this Milestone.  The Milestone 4&5 Report can be viewed here.

Here is the City of Prince George CARIP Reports for 2015 Year, highlighting energy and greenhouse gas reduction strategies.  To access click:

The City of Prince George has achieved Milestones One through Three, and is currently working on Milestone Four.  *Click here to see the Milestone One and Two report or the Milestone 3 report.


Subject Area Initiatives
Community Energy System Initiative 1: Implement Phase 1 of the Community Energy System (Municipal Buildings)
Energy Efficiency in Civic Buildings and Facilities Initiative 2: Evaluate and Implement Energy Reduction Opportunities for Civic Buildings
Initiative 3: Build all new municipal buildings to High Energy Efficient Standards
Vehicle and Machinery Fleet Initiative 4: Implement a Consolidated Fleet Energy Reduction Plan
Initiative 5: Continue to evaluate and implement bio-based fuels
Municipal Operations and Demonstrations of Leadership Initiative 6: Incorporate Energy Conservation and GHG reduction in Utility Operations.
Initiative 7: Advance Energy Efficiency through municipal practices and “in-reach”
Initiative 8: Promote Energy Efficiency in Purchasing Decisions.



Subject Area Initiatives
Improve the Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Facilities Initiative 9: Endorse the BC Energy Efficient Buildings Plan Targets
Initiative 10: Encourage Energy Efficiency in the Residential Buildings
Initiative 11: Encourage Energy Conservation in the Commercial, Institutional, and Light Industrial Sectors
Initiative 12: Support Industry to Reduce Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions
Reduce Transportation Consumption and Emissions Initiative 13: Promote Transportation Alternatives
Initiative 14: Advance the Transit Plan Objectives
Initiative 15: Reduce Unnecessary Fuel Consumption in the Community
Encourage Energy Efficient Land Use Planning Initiative 16: Encourage Use Smart Growth Principles to Guide Land Use Planning
Initiative 17: Incorporate Energy Considerations into Planning Documents
Energy Supply Initiative 18: Implement Phase 2 of the Community Energy System
Initiative 19:  Encourage Alternate Energy Supply Systems
Engagement of Residents and Businesses Initiative 20: Develop and Implement a Stakeholder Outreach Campaign

BC Hydro Partnership on Small & Medium Sized Business Energy Reduction Manager
Through 2009 and completing in February 2010, the City of Prince George in partnership with BC Hydro hired an Energy Manager for the city’s small& medium sized business (SMB) sector, estimated to be about 5,800 in number.  The SMB Energy Manager, hired through Environ Corp, conducted a profile of the sector, 30 sample audits and assessed the challenges and barriers for the SMB sector in moving forward on energy retrofits.  The final report can be accessed here.

Community Action on Energy Efficiency (CAEE)

The City of Prince George was one of 14 communities to join the Community Action on Energy and Emissions initiative (CAEE) in 2007.  CAEE provides financial and research support to BC local governments and First Nations to advance energy efficiency through local government policy and planning tools.   For additional details on this program, see the BC Climate Exchange website. 

Anti-Idling Program

In 2004, the City of Prince George identified opportunities to reduce fleet fuel costs, and at the same time develop a program to help improve air quality. An Anti-idling Campaign was created to help the City meet its environmental objectives in the areas of greenhouse gas emission reduction, improved air quality, energy use conservation, noise reduction and efficient resource use (the lessening of wear and tear on vehicles).  A community wide Vehicle Idle-Free Program was developed to educate businesses, local government, educational institutions, and residents on the benefits of implementing an Idle- Free program for their fleets and personal vehicles, to increase fuel efficiencies, and to reduce harmful vehicle emissions.

To expand this program, the City of Prince George is working with the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable and the Ministry of Environment on a Province-wide anti-idling campaign for 2008.  An Anti-Idling Ambassador (through the Youth Climate Leadership Alliance) will be working with us this summer to promote anti-idling in our community.

Carbon Neutrality for the City of Prince George:

In December 2010, the City of Prince George Council approved its Carbon Neutral Plan which can be viewed here.


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