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Urban Wildlife

Wildlife in general can be found throughout the city.  Bear, moose, deer, songbirds, waterfowl and a host of other animals are frequently spotted in urban and rural settings.  Protection for these animals falls under the Provincial Wildlife Act.  At Risk Species are protected by the Federal Species at Risk Act.  Some best management practices that are encouraged for any development project to help protect wildlife and wildlife habitat include:


  • Determine if there are any special wildlife or species at risk prior to development planning;
  • Direct development away from habitats that support special wildlife and species at risk;
  • Retain species-appropriate wildlife corridors through and around the development;
  • Schedule construction and clearing activities to avoid sensitive periods such as nesting, spawning, hibernation and migration.  The vegetation clearing window to avoid breeding birds is August 1 to April 15th.
  • Maintain the natural plant communities as much as possible, and use native species in landscaping.  These plants are adapted to local climates and require less maintenance once established;
  • Protect, and where needed restore, the habitats that support special wildlife and species at risk


Learn more about the new moose signs installed on University Way by watching this video.   



Bear Aware



Human bear conflicts are a common problem for residences, especially those bordering parkland or natural areas.  The city works with groups such as the Omineca Bear/Human Conflict organization to minimize the potential for bear/human interactions.  Contact the Northern Bear Awareness to find out what you can do to bear-proof your property.

The BC Ministry of Environment Conservation Officer Service has published guildelines on reporting wildlife issues.






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