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  Kin Centre Enhancement Project

Updates from the Kin Centre Enhancement Projects:

July 22, 2013

This is a $16.5 million project that replaces Kin Centre #1 to meet the requirements of the 2015 Canada Winter Games and general City facility needs for tournament and community use.

Construction Progress: As of the end of June, the Kin Centre Reconstruction Project is 68% complete. The exterior structure of Kin 1 is now almost enclosed with the completion of the main roof wood panel installation. The change rooms and utility rooms to the north are now enclosed, and as the block work and steel stud walls are being constructed, the interior rooms on the main floor of Kin 1 are well delineated. The risers for the bleacher seating have been poured and electrical and mechanical systems are being installed.

Exterior walls on the south and north side of Kin 1 and the extension to Kin 2 need to be completed. Insulation, roof membranes and rooftop mechanical devices need to be installed, and interior finish work is just beginning in a few advanced areas. With this arena, a major item will be the forming up and pouring of the NHL/Olympic sized arena floor slab with its cooling, heating and reinforcing grids. Once the floor slab is poured in September, a one month slab curing period will begin before the new slab can be cooled and ice installed in the facility.

Arena staff continue to coordinate user group needs around this construction project.

Timelines and Budget: The project was originally scheduled for an early fall completion; however, it will not be substantially complete until late fall. The total project expenditure to date is $10.7 million, and it is expected to complete on budget.

Occupancy Target Date: Full use of the arena will begin at the end of December of this year. This project features an innovatively designed wood roof structure and will be the subject of an application under the WoodWorks! BC Wood Design Awards program once the project is complete.

January 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s exciting to think that this is the year the Kin Enhancement Project will be completed, and if you’ve visited the arenas recently you can certainly see a lot of progress.  As of the end of December, the project is 44% complete, and is remaining on time and on budget to this point.  Current construction work includes the demolition of the previous Kin 2 dressing rooms, lounge, and service areas.  Work is proceeding on the removal of the concrete roof structure over the Kin lounge, the construction of the foundations and the bleacher support structure, and work on the new Kin 1 dressing rooms on the north side of the building.  Coordination and planning for changes to the electrical and mechanical systems for temporary and permanent service to allow continued use of Kin 2 and Kin 3 this winter season is continually occurring, with efforts being made to minimize occupant discomfort.  Some highlights include:

 Completion of the new Kin 2 Dressing rooms, which are now fully operational and in full use.  As access is challenging through the Kin 2 stands, we have created temporary parking and access directly into the dressing rooms at the back of the building (west side).  Users are wowed by the size of the new rooms, the beautiful high wood ceilings featuring beetle killed wood, and the wider hallways.  Direct access onto the players benches is also proving to be very popular.

​Old Kin 2 dressing room​New Kin 2 dressing room​Old Kin 2 hallway​New Kin 2 hallway


Spectator seating has been challenging in Kin 2 due to electrical & construction phases, which has resulted in a very cold arena as well as poor sightlines.  Happily, these issues are close to being completed and customer comfort should improve in the next few weeks.  We sincerely appreciate the cooperation and understanding we continue to experience with all of you, as everyone seems to understand that the temporary inconveniences continue to move us forward  to a spectacular new facility this fall. 


Drawings of the project are displayed in the Atrium.  Please do not hesitate to contact any staff if you have questions, feedback, or just want to chat.  Andy Beesley, Manager, 250-561-7643; Wade Loukes, Supervisor, 250-561-7648;  Jessie Jamias, Arenas Coordinator, 250-561-7761. 


KIN CENTRE Complex Enhancement Project Background:


As reflected in the City’s bid for the 2015 Canada Winter Games, the Kin Centre Complex Enhancement Project was designed to meet the standards of the Canada Games and to ultimately provide a sport facility legacy while addressing long standing arena facility deficiencies, and enhancing the city’s arena facilities at Exhibition Park. This project will effectively reconstruct most of the Kin 1 building using a composite wood timber structure to span the greater distance for a wider playing surface and also provide enhancements to Kin 2. The proposed capital plan addressed the deficiencies in the Kin Centre’s washrooms, dressing rooms and official’s rooms as well as including the required new roof for Kin 1. The Canada Games requirements meant that the ice surface of Kin 1 would need to be increased to the Olympic standard (200’ X 100’) from its current non-conforming size (185’ X 85’).






Full Name: Glen Mikkelsen
Job Title: Manager, CN Centre
Business Phone: 250.561.7789
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Wade Loukes
Job Title: Supervisor, CN Centre and Community Arenas
Business Phone: 250.561.7648
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Jessie Jamias
Job Title: Arenas Coordinator
Business Phone: 250.561.7761
E-mail Address:

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