Climate Forward Implementation Strategy

An aerial view of the forests surrounding Prince George.

Northern B.C. is experiencing an accelerated rate of climate change compared to the global average. Although this may seem like a problem for the future, Prince George is already experiencing the impacts of Climate Change.  

Infographic displaying data on how climate and weather has changed in Prince George, B.C. Between 1942 & 2018: Annual days below -25°C decreased from 18 to 7 days/year, Average winter temperatures increased 2.8°C, Minimum winter temperatures increased 9.0°C, Winter precipitation decreased 40.5%, Summer precipitation decreased 28.5%. By 2050, Prince George can expect: An annual temperature increase by an additional 2°C, 6 more days above 30°C, 2.5 fewer days below -30°C, More extreme precipitation events

What Do These Changes Mean?

Climate change impacts our infrastructure, the natural environment and public health. The results will likely have greater impacts on the elderly and those with lower income.

The following physical impacts have already been experienced and can be expected to
intensify into the future:

What Is The Climate Forward Implementation Strategy?

The Climate Forward Implementation Strategy lays out tasks that can be completed within the next 5 years to move Prince George forward on climate action. 

There are three guiding principles for the Climate Forward Implementation Strategy:

The goals and objectives in the Climate Forward Implementation Strategy were collected from the City’s 2020 Climate Change Mitigation PlanClimate Change Adaptation Report, and several other City planning documents and operational priorities.

A diagram showing public input with three arrows pointing towards the Climate Change Mitigation Plan, Climate Change Adaptation Report and Other City Planning Documents and Operational Priorities. Arrows from these three boxes then come together pointing towards the Climate Change Implementation strategy.


Phase 1 of the Climate Forward Implementation Strategy outlines actions from 2021 until 2025. Future phases will also be 5 years in duration, until long term targets are achieved in 2050. 

Read the full Climate Forward Implementation Strategy - Phase 1 [PDF] to learn more about how the City of Prince George is moving forward on climate action.