Local Area Service

Heavy equipment digging large trench to install sewer pipes in a residential area

What is a local area service (LAS)?

A local area service (LAS) project is a neighbourhood improvement paid for by the owners of the benefiting properties in order to deliver specific engineering infrastructure. Typical services accommodated under the LAS program are curb and gutters, sidewalks, streetlights, water mains, storm sewers or sanitary sewers. A LAS project can be initiated either by petition or by Council initiative and must be approved by the benefitting properties and City Council.

LAS projects are carried out on actual cost basis, which is determined at the completion of the project. The individual property’s share is determined and then added to the property tax. Owners can choose to either pay in full at once or choose to pay it over a number of years.

To initiate a local area service project, property owners who would be affected by the project can complete and submit a local area service Expression of Interest form.