Official Community Plan Review

An aerial view of Prince George from the cutbanks of the Nechako River

We have exciting news to share

The City of Prince George has kicked-off the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review!

The existing OCP was adopted in 2011 and a lot has changed since that time.

What is an OCP?

An OCP...

  • Communicates a community's vision, goals, and objectives.
  • Outlines long-term development plans for a community.
  • Guides planning and land use management.

How does the OCP relate to other plans?

The Local Government Act enables municipalities to adopt OCPs.

OCPs are informed by regional plans where a regional government exists. In our case, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George’s regional plans (e.g., Agricultural Strategy and Cultural Plan) provide input into the Prince George OCP.

OCPs set the overarching planning framework for a municipality and are implemented (in part) by Zoning Bylaws. You can think of an OCP like an umbrella that all other municipal plans and studies fall under and must be consistent with.

The goals, objectives and policies of an OCP are much broader than those found in area plans, like the Civic Core District Plan, because they apply to the whole city and not one area.

OCPs also acknowledge the traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples. The OCP Review will be an opportunity to advance truth and reconciliation with the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and Urban Indigenous members of our community.

The infographic below shows how the different layers of planning policy work together.  

An infographic showing the relation between (from top to bottom) the Local Government Act, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, and the City of Prince George. The Prince George Official Community Plan is then broken down into Area Plans, Zoning Bylaw, Bylaws. From Zoning Bylaw it breaks down into Municipal Secondary Plans & Studies.


Where are we in the planning process?

We are in Phase 2. The OCP Review was publicly launched on September 18, 2023.

A four phase timeline. Phase 1 - Project Initiation and Draft Vision (June - August 2023). Phase 2 - Visioning and Engagement (Sept - Nov 2023). Public Launch Sept 2023. Phase 3 - Draft OCT (Dec 2023 - Aug 2024). Phase 4 - Final OCP & Approval Process (Aug 2024 - Dec 2024)


Phase 2 is all about engagement and setting a vision for our community.

How do I get involved in the OCP Review?

Help plan our city’s future by taking part in the OCP Review and sharing your ideas.

Check the webpage often for ways to get involved!

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