Advertising & Swim Sponsorships

Canfor Leisure Pool

Advertising & Swim Sponsorships

Purpose and Conditions

To generate aquatic advertising and swim sponsorship revenue opportunities that maintain the integrity of aquatic facilities, programs, and services. To ensure the City’s brand, values, image, policies, community, and commitments are safeguarded while increasing opportunities for local businesses and community groups.


The City of Prince George must not solicit or accept advertising and sponsorship from any business, group, or society where the City’s image or reputation may be negatively affected, including:

  • Promotes tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, or other addictive substances or general items that are hazardous to human health or the environment.
  • Condone any form of discrimination, be of religious nature, be of political nature, be of adult entertainment.
  • Presents demeaning or derogatory portrayals of individuals or groups.
  • Contains anything that is likely to cause deep or widespread offence considering prevailing community standards.
  • Materially detracts from the physical attributes of the pools.
  • Promotes products/services that conflict with the mandate or objectives of the City.
  • Duplicate or appear to duplicate existing City programs and services.

Evaluation & Administration

  • Advertising and sponsorship meet the overall purpose and conditions of the City and does not fall within any established restrictions.
  • Whether the proposed advertising or sponsorship provides an opportunity to enhance the City’s profile.
  • ​​​​​​​The anticipated impact on pool users and whether the advertising/sponsorship is appropriate for the target audience.
  • Administering contracts and revenue collection.
  • Ensure contract compliance.
  • Consult with appropriate City staff to ensure that the advertising and or sponsorship aligns with the City’s corporate policies, objectives, and values.