Rules & Safety

Canfor Leisure Pool
Canfor Leisure Pool Public Swimming

Children's Admission Policy

  • Red Band - Children 6 years and under MUST be accompanied and closely supervised within arm's reach by a responsible person 16 years and older. A lifejacket is required for non-swimmers when swimming past chest deep water. A maximum of 3 children per responsible person 16 years and older is required. A Red band is recommended for adults who are non-swimmers.
  • Yellow Band - Children 7-9 years who cannot swim comfortably in deep water must remain in shallow water. A lifejacket is required when swimming past chest deep water.
  • Green Band - Children 7-9 years who can swim comfortably in deep water.

If unsure of your swimming ability, ask the lifeguard for a swim test.

Children 7-9 years must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years and older unless able to meet the swimming requirement for a Green Wrist Band.

General rules and safety


  • Lockers are provided for customers. However, the City of Prince George is not responsible for lost or stolen items.