Rules & Safety

Canfor Leisure Pool
Canfor Leisure Pool Public Swimming

Children's Admission Policy

  • Red Band - Children 6 years and under MUST be accompanied and closely supervised within arm's reach by a responsible person 16 years and older. A lifejacket is required for non-swimmers when swimming past chest deep water. A maximum of 3 children per responsible person 16 years and older is required. A Red band is recommended for adults who are non-swimmers.
  • Yellow Band - Children 7-9 years who cannot swim comfortably in deep water must remain in shallow water. A lifejacket is required when swimming past chest deep water.
  • Green Band - Children 7-9 years who can swim comfortably in deep water.

If unsure of your swimming ability, ask the lifeguard for a swim test.

Children 7-9 years must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years and older unless able to meet the swimming requirement for a Green Wrist Band.

General rules and safety


Code of Conduct - Respect

Pool users are responsible to follow a code of conduct and treat others with respect, dignity, and fairness promoting a safe and positive experience for everyone.  All differences are resolved in a calm and professional manner.  Consistently treat individuals fairly, respectfully, and abstain from behaviour, actions or language that promote discrimination, racism, hatred or is demeaning.  Demonstrate a spirit of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and withhold aggressive acts, threats, violence, or profanity.

Examples of Respectful Behavior Include:

  • Being polite, courteous, and appropriate to others.
  • Accepting responsibility for your own actions, reactions, and the impact your behavior has on others.
  • Making your concerns promptly and politely known if something is troubling you.
  • Taking initiative to communicate with City staff when you encounter bothersome behavior, expressing the impact the behavior is having on you.
  • Being part of the solution.
  • Informing City staff of behaviour that is not respectful or is a risk to pool users.

Examples of Inappropriate Facility Behavior Include:

  • Conduct that a person knows, or reasonably ought to know that is unwelcome or making others uncomfortable.
  • Conduct, comments, actions, or gestures which are humiliating, offensive, hurtful, or belittling.
  • Yelling, swearing, or shouting with the intent to intimidate or create disruption.
  • Harassment, violent or threatening behavior.

Always comply with the bylaws, policies, rules and regulations, and refrain from conduct that is damaging, polluting, or detrimental to the facility.

The pool is a shared space.  Please share it with respect.