Council meeting summary – July 8, 2024

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Here are some highlights from the July 8, 2024, City Council meeting. For more information – including the full agenda listing – read the Regular Council Meeting Agenda and its attachments.

OCP update

Council was presented with a report from Urban Systems, the company managing the review of the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP).

The “What We Heard Report: Phase 3” report that was presented to council details the consultation methods and feedback received through the community engagement held between December 2023 and April 2024.

There were several common themes that consistently emerged across the engagement including protecting parks and green spaces, prioritizing pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and prioritizing infill development and density over sprawl.  

Phase 4 of the OCP Review process will begin in August 2024 and continue to December 2024. Phase 4 includes the production of the Draft OCP, consultation for the Draft OCP, and finalization of the OCP (i.e., the document and bylaw approval process).

Community members will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft OCP through a survey in the fall.

Corporate work plan progress

Council received an update on the Corporate Work Plan (CWP) which happens biannually.

The CWP includes specific activities as well as corresponding timelines required to advance goals identified in the 2022–2024 Strategic Plan approved by Council on January 10, 2022.

Recently completed items in the workplan include completing the Civic Core Plan engagement process, with a consultant retained in Q2 this year and a report to council identifying three concept plans and next steps scheduled for later this year.

Parking changes proposed

Council received a report following the Notice of Motion that was passed on June 12 regarding a review of the parking in the downtown C1 zone and around the hospital.

Council approved staff launching a request for proposal (RFP) process to retain consulting services to assess the existing strategy and provide guidance in developing better parking experiences. Some key components proposed for the review:

  1. Community engagement: Gathering input from residents and business owners.
  2. Business case evaluation: Assessing the viability of each City-owned parkade.
  3. Parking inventory: Compiling a detailed inventory of downtown parking spaces.

The plan is for a presentation of a modernized downtown parking strategy to Council to take place in spring 2025, with the implementation of the short-term recommendations in fall 2025.

To address on-street parking challenges near the hospital, the following measures were recommended:

  1. Maintaining free parking: Two-hour free parking will continue in areas immediately surrounding medical facilities impacted by construction, including UHNBC, the Northern Interior Health Unit, and several others.
  2. Introducing pay parking: Remaining streets in the Hospital Zone will adopt pay parking via the HotSpot application. Beyond the two-hour free period, parking will cost $1/hour or $7 for the entire day, aligning with city-wide rates.

A map of the changes around the hospital shows the two hour free parking zones and the new hotspot paid parking zones.

Grant applications process streamlined

Council approved the first three readings of a new bylaw that proposes a delegation of authority in relation to grant applications sought by the City for various projects or activities.

The report to council explains that the proposed bylaw aims to streamline the grant application process by delegating authority to City officers and administrative department directors to sign certain grant applications and funding agreements.

This delegation applies only to projects, services, or activities already included in the City's financial plan and for grant applications that do not require a Council resolution. New projects outside the annual financial plan will still need Council authorization. The bylaw ensures transparency by mandating quarterly reporting to Council on all successful grant applications.

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