Council meeting summary - January 16, 2023

Media Releases

Here are some highlights from the January 16, 2023 City Council Meeting. For more information – including the full agenda listing – consult the January 16, 2023 Regular Council Meeting Agenda and its attachments.

Building and Development permit summary for December 2022

  • Council received a staff report on “Monthly Building Permit and Development Permit Summary (December 2022)” from the Director of Planning and Development.
  • Twenty-three building permits were issued in December with a total value of $2,441,089.
  • Building include four residential and eight commercial, industrial, and institutional developments.
  • In total, 2022’s permit values (at $251,721,962.22) broke the previous year’s all-time high by approximately $14.5 million.


Proposed policy regarding processing requests for Letters of Support for grants

  • With a minor amendment, Council approved Administration’s draft for “Requests for Letters of Support for Grants” policy.
  • The policy specifies the circumstances where staff are authorized to prepare a letter of support to be signed by the Mayor.  The signed letter will then be placed on a Council meeting agenda for information.
  • The policy sets out proposed criteria to be met in order for a letter of support to be signed through that process.  If the request does not meet stated criteria, the policy includes a process for the request to be put to Council for consideration.
  • The policy also requires any request from an elected official for a letter of support be brought to Council.